Clients involved in various activities
Clients involved in various activities

Sharing Resources • Enhancing Lives

Each day, we are blessed by the dedication of others to our ministries! Time, talents and treasures allow us to help our neighbors, friends and families find solutions to some of life’s most complex problems. Because needs are climbing, and we have proven that together we can accomplish more, Filling Home of Mercy, Luther Home of Mercy, and Lutheran Social Services are sharing resources under the Lutheran Ministries of Mercy umbrella. These combined efforts allow us to create stronger outcomes and to provide for those in our care. 
Just to give you an idea of our services in 2020 we were able to
  • Serve over 42,391 children and adults in our ministries.
  • 25,341 meals were provided, creating healthier outcomes for families.
  • 1154 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities received services from 24 hour residential care to supportive living services.
  • Provide the compassion and respect for thousands more through programs for the treatment of mental illness, addition, re-entry, and a host of other programs that made a difference.
Please take a moment, visit our affiliate websites and consider joining us in our work. Together, we will change lives.

Lutheran Ministries of Mercy