Sharing Resources • Enhancing Lives

Filling Home of Mercy, Luther Home of Mercy, and Lutheran Social Services are sharing resources under the Lutheran Ministries of Mercy umbrella. These combined efforts allow us to create stronger outcomes and provide for the 29,493 individuals who need our assistance.

By God's grace and the generosity of donors just like you, we look forward to receiving gifts that afford us the opportunity to expand our services and programs. As a registered 501 c (3) charitable organization, we are honored to accept gifts that help individuals improve their lives. Every gift, big or small makes a huge difference. If you would like to talk with us about your gift, please call Jeanette Hrovatich, Director of Planned Giving at 419-972-4373. 

And if you are seeking employment, our affiliates are hiring for a variety of positions---consider joining us as an employee or a volunteer! Together we will make a difference.

Lutheran Ministries of Mercy