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The Lutheran Ministries of Mercy along with its affiliate agencies: Filling Homes, Lutheran Social Services of Northwestern Ohio and Luther Home of Mercy welcomes and appreciates all the generous support shown us by our friends, family and community. 

As we actively confront the challenges of service...certainly our agencies are familiar with budget shortfalls, rising costs, fluctuating labor markets and changing regulations...we are strengthened by the success of the LMM affiliation. We seek, as always, not only to be wise stewards with the dollars entrusted to us but to shepherd and encourage the many abilities and skills of those within our organizations.

To date, our work together has enabled the maximization of both talent and resources in the areas of fiscal services, information technology and facilities management. Work continues to streamline these and other administrative functions in a proven effort to increase efficiencies and reduce costs. The work of our ministries is made possible by the consistent effort and dedication of over 700 team members.

Today, more than ever before, our staff offers a vast array of programs and services designed to meet the varying needs of clients in creative and progressive ways. In 2017, the lives of more than 15,000 of our friends, neighbors and families have been touched by our caring ministries.

We continue to be thankful for the blessing of our volunteers, board members, families and donors. The many gifts of prayer, time, talent and resources so graciously given sustain this important work as we reach out to those in need in 24 Ohio and Michigan counties.

-Excerpts from 2017 LMM Annual Report