Our History

In 2013, the Filling Memorial Home of Mercy Board of Directors along with the Luther Home of Mercy Board of Directors authorized the formation of a Joint Committee to discuss whether a closer working relationship would be helpful to both ministries. Comprised of four representatives of each Board, the joint Committee met monthly for nearly a year. Through the course of these meetings, it became clear that:

  • Filling Homes and Luther Home are well-developed, highly respected and important ministries of the Church.
  • While both ministries value their individual identities, Filling Homes and Luther Home appreciate a long history of working together to support one another in mission.
  • This cooperative spirit has proven especially helpful to both ministries in confronting program challenges.
  • Future challenges are expected to require more intentional collaboration to sustain and advance these vital ministries.
Given the above, the Joint Committee explored a variety of models aimed at bringing these two organizations closer together without loss of identity to either Filling Homes or Luther Home. In order to accomplish this objective, the Committee recommended the following for Board consideration:

  • That Filling Homes and Luther Home jointly establish a new organization titled: Lutheran Ministries of Mercy (LMM).
  • That LMM serve as parent to the two legacy organizations, Filling Homes and Luther Home, both of which would continue – preserving respective identities together with each existing Foundation, licenses, certifications and contracts.
  • That practical administrative functions including governance and executive leadership be consolidated under LMM.
In July 2013, the first meeting of the  LMM Board was held.

In April 2015, Lutheran Social Services of Northwestern Ohio voted to join LMM. LMM is now comprised of three member organizations:  Filling Memorial Home of Mercy, Luther Home of Mercy, and Lutheran Social Services of Northwestern Ohio.

As our partnership evolves, we expect further advancements in ministry.  The Board appreciates the advantage of working together with all of these partners in ministry.