Board of Directors

LMM Board

The Lutheran Ministries of Mercy (LMM) Board of Directors guides the future of the Lutheran Ministries of Mercy and establishes its policies. 

Board Officers

  • Charles Winters - Chair
  • Christina Fletcher - 1st Vice Chair
  • Michelle Dean - 2nd Vice Chair
  • Timothy Schumm - Secretary
  • Denise Lalonde - Treasurer

  • Bobbie Abel
  • Bob Bethel
  • Jan Bratton
  • Stephen Lutz
  • Jeff Mires
  • Barbara Moellman
  • Christine Palmer
  • Michael Scheiding
  • Edward Schulte
  • Jeffrey Schwartz
  • Chester Trail
  • Nathan Zechman
Annual Meeting 

  • Lutheran Ministries of Mercy Annual Meeting is held in March.

  • Members of the Board are elected at the Annual Meeting.