The Lutheran Men in Mission of Northwestern Ohio spend Labor Day on the Mackinac Bridge to support the affiliates of The Lutheran Ministries of Mercy!

Shades of blue all around, in the sky and in the water, and views that you just can’t get anywhere else except atop the worlds 5th longest suspension bridge! Sure the Mackinac Bridge has been crossed millions of times in the 60 years since it opened (November 1, 1957), but there have not been many times that the five miles of this view has been taken in from the perspective of a pedestrian. The annual Walk the Mighty Mac allows between 45,000 and 65,000 people to have that experience every Labor Day. That’s pretty incredible!

Another incredible thing about this Bridge Walk is that every year, for eight years to be exact, the Lutheran Men in Mission of Northwestern Ohio have used this opportunity to raise awareness for Lutheran Ministries of Mercy and to raise funds to support the people they serve. Each year, as much as $10,000 is raised from this one event and divided among the three agencies.